Mobile Phone accessories, Power Banks

Mobile Phone accessories, Power Banks

We deals in TopNotch and high quality Mobile Phone cases, Power Banks,Phone Chargers, tempered glass screen protectors in Pakistan, South Africa, Afghanistan and Germany.

We are obsessed with protecting your favorite mobile devices, in style. Our fashionable and protective cell phone cases & screen protectors, designer brands and innovative style make us a trendsetter in the mobile world. As event goers, freestylers and celebrity followers, we know a phone can get around, so we have mastered the art of cell phone care,iPhone case and other designer cell phone covers, you can protect your phone like a celebrity – while still providing a protective cell phone case for your device! Our creative culture and diverse colors and designs let you decide on what stylish cell phone accessories fits your own unique personality.

ProBox  is Pakistan’s first premium mobiles accessories brand, ProBox entered in Pakistan market and developed several agents in each Province and major cities of Pakistan. We have a great share of telecom market globally.

Our vision is to develop and create such designs in which ease of use and protection of device is keenly observed.

We understand that consumers purchase their mobile device with careful consideration. Our dedicated RND and Product development teams always observe the customer’s need and once you are close to the consumer you can understand their needs in a better way.

Our main focus is to introduce reliable and state of the art products in Pakistani market with the same quality and A grade materials as available in USA, and EU without any compromise.

Once you use Probox Products you will know.

We at ProBox have wide range of quality screen protectors, Special Purpose Mobile phone cases, Exclusive cases, Gold plated back housings, Power Banks etc.

Probox is proud to have developed a great new product that finally offers an uncompromised solution to mobile electronic protection.

The next generation screen protector.

ProBox Dream Power Which is a Series of Tempered Glass Screen Protectors and globally known as (DP) with good customer comment. We have German precision mold manufacturing, excellent design and quality control is key to our success.

Our all products are SGS ROHS Verified.


Dream Power is the best scratch protection film out there in the market that your money can buy. Our incredibly thin shield offers superior protection at a price that makes sense – a quarter of what the other brands are charging! Factor in our class leading quality of coverage design, materials and precision engineering and you’ll soon discover that Dream Power is the only protective solution for electronic devices that you will ever need to buy.

Best Materials    Best Materials

Dream Power uses the industry’s strongest and virtually indestructible film ensuring all your gadgets are provided the most tough and durable protection against scratches. The dreaded ‘orange peel’ look that affects most other films in the market is almost zero in Dream Power scratch protection film ensuring the most aesthetic looks and an unmatched clarity.

In Affordable Price    Highly Affordable

Dream Power is priced incredibly low although it is manufactured from the same kind of raw materials as other such expensive options.

Ensure Customer Satisfaction  Customer Satisfaction

We might be selling our products for lower costs but we never step back on our customer service simply because we know you have other options too. We need you more than you need us. Customer satisfaction is our USP and we believe all successful companies are built on happy customers and not on sales figures. We are sure you will never be disappointed with us and we would do everything within the realms of possibilities to make your experience with Dream Power a pleasant one. We at Dream Power take pride in being involved with manufacturing of a revolutionary scratch protection solution. We follow the values of perfection and best quality control. In case you see us faltering on any service or quality aspect of your experience with Dream Power.

Probox (DP) Tempered Slim Glass


Probox Presents Dream Power ™ series of a High Range of Quality Screen Protector.

Product Details
Place Of Origin: Seoul/South Korea
Brand Name: Dream Power
Model Number: All Mobile/Pad Models
Material: PET
Color: Transparent
Thickness: 0.30 mm
Hardness: 9H
Quality: Grade "A"
Transparency: 99%
Anti-Scratch: Key Coin Blade Paper Cutter etc
Anti-Finger: Yes
Silicone Glue: Yes
End-user Experience: Easy To Use
Quality Guarantee: Yes

Tempered Slim GlassDream Power Steel Glass Shield produced with special glass material. It can protect the phone screen from being broken if you dropped it suddenly, and its highly strong against scratches from sharp objects like knife, blade, keys etc. Its 50 times more durable then normal film protector.
Special gum from Japan never let any bubbles appear on screen.This Special Glass shield is very easy to install on screen.No effect on touch sensitivity. HD Highly transparent glass no change in display quality. Curved Edges R angle technology, which makes the phone looks more TRI-Dimensional. For all these above reasons, we highly recommend this new product to you.It will provide your precious phone better protection

Look how strong Probox TG Screen Protector is:


  • ANTI-SCRATCH anti-scratch, anti-oil, anti-fingerprint, anti-Glare and anti-shock protector for long term protection.
  • No affect on touch sensitivity.
  • ANTI-CHIP curved EDGES.
  • High transparency.
  • Re-stick it up-to 10 times.

Package Contains:

  1. Anti-Shock Screen Protector
  2. Alcohol Swab
  3. Button sticker ( for IPhone Models)
  4. Dust removal Sticker
  5. Dry Cloth
  6. Wet Cloth
  7. Normal Back protector( for iPhone & Sony Xperia models)

Probox shop mobile screen protector


Probox Tg screen protector 2


New Glowing Edges Screen Protector

New PROBOX Radiant screen protector has a glass like feel, keeping the integrity of the user experience whilst protecting the screen against shattering or scratching. German precision mold manufacturing and SGS ROHS Verified.


1. 8H hardness anti cutting. 2. Flexible anti shock. 3. excellent adhesive silicone. 4. 3 neon colors available Red, Green, Yellow


What’s been available in the stores up until now has been at the most 6H hardness, which has slight shock absorption and is mostly scratch proof.

Probox DP Radiant has broken through to the next level to what is 8-9H. With 6 layers, including a shatterproof layer. 4 acrylic layers and 2 patented ceramic Nano layers, all baked with a hand crafted process, giving you the first ‘like glass’ experience.

No more scratched up, milky layers on your perfectly clear glass. NEONTUFF is perfected with high definition clarity. Don’t wait till you get a screen crack to think about protecting your screen.


Dream Power Anti shock Screen Protector


Product Details

Place Of Origin: Seoul/South Korea
Brand Name: Dream Power
Model Number: All Mobile/iPad Models
Material: PET
Color: Transparent
Thickness: 0.34 mm
Hardness: Flexible
Quality: Grade A
Transparency: 92%
Anti-Scratch: Yes
Anti-Finger: Yes
Silicone Glue: Yes
End-user Experience: Easy To Use No-Bubbles
Quality Guarantee: Yes

Dream power’sAnti-Shock protector is a excellence in its class. This anti-shock protector have extra-ordinary features.
The hardness of the screen protector is up to 4H, it can protect your phone very effectively from scratches, abrasion, impact and shock.

Heavy Duty Silicon gum from Japan its used to avoid bubbles and no sticky residue after taking it off.

This screen protector is anti-static and gives best touch sense and smooth surface which offer the touch you want.


Install on your Phone in 7 Easy Steps.

step 1 step 2  step 3 step 4 step 5 step 6 step 7


Package Contains:

  1. Anti-Shock Screen Protector
  2. Alcohol Swab
  3. Button sticker ( for IPhone Models)
  4. Dust removal Sticker
  5. Dry Cloth
  6. Wet Cloth
  7. Normal Back protector( for iPhone models)

Dream Power Screen Protector Package Contains


Lepow Power Bank Portable Charger



ProBox Introduced yet another High Class Product, Lepow Power bank

Struggling to get through the day without having to charge your mobile device? The Lepow MOONSTONE Power Bank is the answer. Stylish and portable power for people on the move. Ideal as backup power in your handbag or laptop bag, or even carry in your jacket.

The Lepow MOONSTONE Power Bank is stylishly thin, light and powerful – ideal to charge modern smart phones and tablets. Available in 3000 mAh capacitiy, equating to approximately 2 full charges of a smartphone respectively before Moonstone requires recharging.

The MOONSTONE 6000 Power Bank doubles the capacity of the 3000 and works perfectly with iPads and tablet PCs, it also features faster charging for your tablet or ipad.


Key Features Power Bank:

1. Modern & Stylish Design – Smooth, edge-less design, with piano lacquer finish provide a modern and stylish accessory, as well as its slim shape, at just 5mm at the thinnest point makes it easy and light to carry.


2. Dual-Output – Dual power output allows you to charge all of your devices at the optimum speed.



3. Smart & Safe – Advanced “adaptive” solution. Built-in control unit intelligently detects and automatically adjusts output to match your device, without affecting orignal mobile battery. The sleep and wake-up function enables ‘plug & play & sleep’ capability to provide the most efficiency power consumption, allowing energy to be stored for up to 6 months in sleep mode.

4. All-round Compatibility – The Moonstone works with all major smartphones and tablets, as well as other USB powered devices.

5. Environmentally Friendly – High-quality woolen felt packaging not only protects the device, but can also be recycled at 100% transformation rate. Wrapping material are made of DuPont paper, which is waterproof, and bio-degradable.



Cell Type


3000 Version: 81.7 x 80.4 x 5mm at thinnest point. 6000 Version: 82 x 80 x 9mm Output A Current

3000 Version: 500mA (~2 hours to charge smartphone). 6000 Output B Current

3000 Version: 1200mA (~1 hour to charge smartphone) 6000 Operating Temperature

10℃ – 45℃
Transform Efficiency


7 moonstone_all


3000 mAh Rs 2500/

6000 mAh Rs 3800/

For more you can contact us.

Address & Contact

3rd Floor, Canal Tower, West Canal Road Faizalabad Pakistan
Contact Number:
(0092) / (0)335 2740000


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